Sunday Bulletin

Knox Preston Church Jan. 22’23 Worship Service


Intro to the Bible

Please join us Thursday afternoons at 2, and Thursday evenings at 7, as we discover how the Bible was created, how to read it, it’s history, it’s composition. If you cannot attend in person please let Rev. Bill know at so you can attend via Zoom. This is perfect for non-church people as well as member. Invite someone to come with you.

Minister’s Vestry Hours

Rev. Bill will be in the vestry Tuesdays and Thursday from 10-2. Rev. Bill can be reached at 519-6169252


Responsive Call to Worship

The Lord is our light and salvation.

We will not be afraid.

Behold the beauty of the Lord!

God will shelter us on any day of trouble and set us high upon a rock.

Let God’s people shout for joy!

For Christ calls us and claims us as his own.

Come and worship in unity and love; let us rejoice together!

Hymn: #15 The Lord’s my light (Psalm 27)

Old Testament Reading: Isaiah 9:1-4. P. 706

Responsive Reading: Psalm 27. P. 555

New Testament Reading: Matthew 4:12-23. P. 3

Hymn: #476 Amigos de Cristo/Friends of the Lord

Message: Occupation vs. Vocation

Hymn: #634 Will you come and follow me

Our morning offering

Prayers of Thanksgiving and Intercession

Hymn: #645 Follow me, the Master said


Go Now in Peace