Upcoming Events

The latest happenings for you & your family at Knox Preston Church

Bible Study ... literally! "What the Heck is The Bible?"

Please join us Tuesday evenings at 7 for an introduction to The Bible.  Together we will discover how the Bible came to be, what it contains, how to read it, and its history.  Each week is a separate session so if you miss one that's OK.  If you can't join us at the church in person, we will be using Zoom so please let Rev. Bill know that you like to join via Zoom by contacting him at revbill@rogers.com.  We begin on Tuesday, February 7, 2023.  See you all there!

Communion Services

Everyone is welcome to join us as we celebrate the sacrament of Communion.  We will be sharing the sacrament on the following Sundays:

Feb. 26,  Apr. 7,  May 28,  Oct. 1,  and Nov, 26.