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New Proposed Vision Statement

A BIG THANK YOU to all those who returned their feedback papers. The Guiding Team met this past Monday and reviewed your feedback sheets and all other comments and suggestions received at the Annual Planning Meeting. Those who made comments, suggestions, and gave their feedback have been contacted with the Guiding Teams’ responses.

As a result of the Guiding Team’s meeting, the members would like to present the following revised proposed Vision Statement. Please read the Proposed Vision Statement and the commentary carefully and give us your feedback on the back of the coloured insert TODAY during the offering. The Guiding Team will review your feedback on Monday March 16’20 and report back to you. Thank you again for your enthusiastic participation.

Vision Statement: “The Knox Preston congregation’s vision is to become dynamic Christian disciples to all.”


1) The word “dynamic” speaks to us about entering into a process of productive change highlighted by positivity, energy, and new ideas. Within this process we will receive education when needed; encourage each other in our work; and energize ourselves.

2) The word “Christian” identifies us as a Gospel-following group to those outside the church. We are not afraid to speak of Jesus as we work to follow his example.

3) The word “disciples” defines who we are and what we do. We are followers of Jesus and as such we are commanded to share his Gospel and make disciples of others. We have been “discipled” so that we can “disciple” others. We will receive education on discipleship as needed, and actively look for new opportunities to share Jesus with others.

4) The words “to all” reflect our wish to include as many as possible in our work and worship. These words do not limit us in time and space, but rather, puts before us the whole world as our mission field.

Easter Chimes

We are looking for some great material to spice up our Easter Chimes. Let’s all pull together and make this one of the best Chimes ever! All submissions are due no later than March 22, 2020. There is plenty of time between now and then so no late submissions will be excepted.

Please send all submissions to Jackie Greenwood at greenwoodjd@rogers.com

We look forward to seeing all your creativity!

Easter Choir

Anyone interested in joining the choir at Easter is more than welcome.

Rehearsals will be April 2nd & 9th at 7:30PM.


6Km Walk for Water

Our walk for water is on again for this year. Last year we raised a great amount of money for safe drinking water in The Congo. This year’s walk will be held in Riverside Park on Saturday, May 30. Details and sponsor sheets coming. Clean up those walking shoes.